Music was put in my cradle. I learned the recorder, piano and the trumpet and participated in numerous ensembles and orchestras.


Conducting is my greatest passion. There is no better feeling than controlling and shaping such an enormous body of sound.


I discovered my enthusiasm for composing at the age of 12, and since then I have composed various works for different instrumentations.

About Me

Matthias Achleitner

“Because of my love to music, I started taking a conducting course 4 years ago. Music has always exited, inspired and motivated me throughout my life- whether as an instrumentalist, composer or conductor- making music with dedication and passion is my greatest gift. My goal is to conduct large symphony orchestras all over the world.”

“To get to the point: Music is my life!”

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Upper Austria is in favour of another fabulous orchestra

Tips, 24th July 2021

Magnificent start of the Upper Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra

TV1 reportage, July 2021

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

TV1 reportage, June 2021

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